Frequently Asked Questions

Are your paints safe for my child's skin?

Yes! I use only high quality, hypoallergenic, professional grade products for face painting from the brands Mehron, Paradise and Wolfe FX- however, if your child has sensitive skin or is prone to reactions, let me know and we can start out with a test on their arm! My paints are formulated to remain bacteria free, and I wash and clean my brushes constantly. Despite this, I cannot paint a child who looks to have pink-eye or any type of open wound, infection or lesion on their face.

How many children can you paint at a party?

Maximum 15 children per one hour party. If there are more children, and I am under contract with you for only one hour, some children will not get painted. If you know there will be more than 15, consider booking for 1.5 or 2 hours! I am always happy to make arrangements so everyone is accommodated.

Tell me about your ballooning?

I can twist balloons for a maximum of 15 children in one hour, if you desire complex and exciting designs. The balloons used are Qualatex brand. They are LATEX so if your child or someone at your event has a latex allergy please alert their guardian and myself so I can be sure to take the proper precautions.  I tend to do face painting first, then balloons when you book both.

How does the paint come off?

The paint comes of with gentle soap and water and a wash cloth. The colors red and black can be somewhat stubborn on the skin; if soap and water don't do the trick, try some baby oil or petroleum jelly.

Children often sweat the paint off, or eat and wipe off their paint. If this should happen in the course of my time at your party, I am happy to provide touch-ups after everyone's first round of face painting is finished!

Lastly, it's recommended that children do not sleep in their face paint (unless a pillowcase covered in paint is OK by you!)

How far will you travel?

I don't have a set limit on travel but be advised that if you're booking me and my commute will be over 45 minutes one way, I will have to charge a fee for my time traveling as well as the transportation fee that is standard with all packages. I can travel to Long Island or New Jersey but must be compensated for car, train or ferry costs. I will always seek the most cost-effective method of travel so as to save you money. 

What are your qualifications?

I am a self taught face painter and balloon artist, and I hold a Bachelor of Science in Education for Art Education (K-12) with more than 10 years of experience as an in-home child-care provider.